"Hot Spring café Seiyukan" in Starlight Hotel was newly opened in 23rd Dec to provide both hotel guests and non-accommodating visitors with a space themed with nature and history (starry sky, coal mine, and forest) in the city of Ashibetsu.

What is "hot bath café"?

A heart-soothing space
for both hotel guests
and non-accommodating visitors.
Free freshly ground coffee,
Wi-Fi, electric plugs;
over 5,000 comic books
and magazines.
A hot spring facility to enjoy the flow of time.
Ashibetsu city's hot spring café provides you
with a unique experience you could find in nowhere.

Free Item

Facilities and items to enjoy only under one admission fee

Free Wi-Fi

Freshly ground coffee

Coworking area

Reclining massage chair


Comic books and magazines

Break room

Indulgence in 2 kinds of hot springs

Remodeled changing room

Proudly presenting our rich, natural hot spring…
with refreshing views of nature

Two nature hot spring water sources with 600 liters water gushing out in every minute.
Two hot spring waters- "hydrocarbon salt cold mine spa with magnesium and natrium sulphate" and "hydrocarbon salt cold mine spa natrium sulphate and chloride".
It's also called "skin-beautifying spa" as your skin would definitely be smoothened and moisturized for makeup to sit.

With accommodation service-
Ashibetsu Starlight hotel

Junior Suite
Japanese-Western style room
Japanese style room
Compact Twin
Universal Twin

Hospitality in a heart-calming place
Come and be embraced by the splendid expressions of nature in all four seasons.

Indulge in the heart-soothing rooms at Ashibetsu Starlight hotel-surrounded by nature.
Lounge in your luxurious room and soak in unparalleled views of nature in any season and feel our warm hospitality.

Star-watching tour

More events are coming; an approved starry city- Ashibetsu
Star-gazing events at our sky terrace are coming soon.
Star Watching

Getting here

By railway

Take "Kirakira bus"
(for Ashibetsu onsen)
at Ashibetsu station
About 20 minutes
Train & Taxi

By public transport

Take "Kirakira bus"
(for Ashibetsu onsen) at Ashibetsu station About 20 minutes

Take a taxi
Around 3,000 Japanese yen (not included early morning/midnight additional charges)